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Teach Yourself Sun-Cant!


Tu: Thou, Thee, Thine, Thy

The Goods

Cussin' and Blessin'

The Basics

This is just a little page meant to help newcomers to Valrona's illustrious Sun Quarter settle in and get around.

The Sun Quarter is accused by many of being a really horrible part of Valrona. Not so! Far from it! Though its glory days may look like they've passed, this dockside part of town is definitely looking forward to better days.

Sun-Cant is the general name for the slang that's grown up around the Sun Quarter. Famous for its inscrutability, being able to speak it is a sort of litmus test for whether or not one belongs in the Sun Quarter. Needless to say, it'd be considered quite improper to speak it around someone of privilege or power, and it'd be considered the very height of gauche for someone like that to speak it around anybody who matters. It's a lot like belching in public: in some contexts it's fine, and in others, it's utterly inexcusable. If you know it, consider it your little secret, your way of keeping something separate and away from those richies who would keep your entire family down. If you don't know it, then it's considered rude to ask to learn it. If someone wanted you to know it, he'd offer to teach it to you!

There are, in general, no conjugations and few declensions in this little creole. There are elements of it from almost all the languages of the Empire, understandable given that it's spoken by a dock community. Being that it is a growing language and a vital one, changes in it will be documented as needed. Please send ideas to staff using the email link to the left!

(In roleplay terms, you're most welcome as a player to peruse this page, but if your PC hasn't seen the terms ingame and learned them ingame, please roleplay accordingly!)

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The Goods

Money: In general, called merries, as in: Ain't krek a single merrie on me. You keep your merries in a bung.

Specific Denominations of Money: 1 (squawk), 5 (shinbone or shin), 50 (pants). As in: Krek a shin? It's considered rude to discuss larger denominations than a pants, but if you absolutely must, they go by their regular names of eagle, tower, crown, or ducat, as per here.

To have: Krek. A thief is, therefore, a krekker and to have lost or had stolen an object is to have miskrekked it. To steal something would be, naturally, to abkrek it. To share something you have is to luvkrek. Swindling and conjob work are called crossbiting. Stealing is also called nipping.

To sell something stolen is to squawkrek it. The stolen object itself is a nipkrek. The guy who helps you fence it is the merryman, but the term also means any government official who helps you out; it's all about context.

Sleeping and Rising, and Other Such States: Nighttime is darkmin, and daytime is lightmin. To sleep is to couch, and to wake up is to enlightmin if you mean waking up during the daytime, and endarkmin if you mean waking up at night. A bed is a libbage. Sleeping under the stars is couching afry the searlightkin.

To reminisce is to revere, and time itself is clock.

Traveling is porting, while to take something to someone is to appreport it. To visit is to conde; the term can mean a lot of different things, but always implies a brief stay. Hopefully your vaca, or vacation, won't be brief!

Buildings: A house is a libken. A drinking-place of any sort is a beneken, and a really good place is a well beneken. Your place of work is your ughken. Your hideout is your krekken. The city is called pria-ville, woods are ruffmans, and buildings of a generic nature are ken.

Food and Drink: Alcohol in general is booze, a word considered most crass by anybody but the lowest class. A mug of beer is a mung; a meal is a gage.

People Around You: Someone raised around the Sun Quarter is a daisy if female or a child, or if male a shade. The generic collective term for more than one denizen of the Sun Quarter is shades regardless of age or gender. An outsider of good status is a fancy, as is a pretty or shiny object. This is almost always a derogatory term, needless to say, especially when applied to men.

A Noble of either gender is called either that or a jay. There aren't really any terms for the Empress herself and it is not suggested anybody insult her anywhere someone else can hear it. The Sun-Cant tongue also makes compound words of these: a very wealthy young woman might be called a fancymot, a wealthy young man a fancyjay.

The word jay can also refer to something very expensive.

Questions, questions: "Where is/are..?" and "what is.." type expressions are broadly covered by pock, as in Pock Alfred? or Pock that mung? "What/who is/are...?" is also deal, as in Deal that fancy? and may derive from the word "idealize."

Facing the Inevitable: Going to jail is cooping or going to the coop. To save face, people call such sojourns visiting their aunt, as in: Pock Alfred? -- He's been visitin' his aunt these last few years. Executions are rare in Valrona but are called trinings.

Relationships: A female sweetheart is a rosemot. A wife, though is a benemot. A prostitute is a pratmot, as genitalia in general are prats. A male sweetheart is a cuffin and a husband is a benemin. A friend is a curtal or a curtalmot depending on gender. A very little girl is often called a kinchinmot as an endearment (sort of like the modern RL "punkin").

Sex and Romance: Naturally, sexual activities have a vast number of euphemisms, including kissing, wrapping, niggling, prigging, docking, and sporting. Buying sex is striking some sport or a variety of similar terms.

Fooling is just one word that can mean a lot of things, from joking-around to sex, all in context.

Clothes and Possessions: Your clothes are togs; women's clothes are benetogs and men's are togmins, if you wish to get specific. Shoes are stampers, caps and hats are raincheats, and cloaks and coats are windcasters. Cheap clothes are duds. A purse or pouch is a bung. Women's stockings are called drawers, and it is very improper indeed to remove them, or cast one's drawers.

Any sort of writing, book, or paperwork is a screed.

If something's broken, then you ought to shine it. Your libken's fence is a mindthyown, and the gate is its closeken.

Emotional States: If you're worried or upset about something, you're afrowned.

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Tu: Thou, Thy, Thine, Thee

You and Me: When two shades are together, it is well understood that they are, in a sense, related. Therefore they will use the now-archaic familiar "you" usage tu. Nobody else really uses it, though some Nobles raised in very archaic environments might, and some people living in the far provinces still do. It's a few hundred years out of date, though.

To get the forms wrong is the height of boorishness; when it's wrong, the speaker sounds like a toddler ("Me like ham!"). Here is a quick primer:

You: Thee, or thou, depending on the sentence. If used as the subject, it is "thou" as in "Thou'rt late again!" If used as the object, it is "thee" as in "I visited thee just this last darkmin!"

Your: thy or thine, depending on whether or not a vowel is following the word. "Thy foot", but "thine eyes".

This is probably the hardest part of Sun-Cant, and it is suggested you ask if you have any questions about usage of this somewhat complex pronoun. We know it's not intuitive for native English speakers but know it'll add to the game considerably!

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Cussin' and Blessin'

Obviously, the Church of Haran influences almost everything to do with cursing or blessing someone. Blessings usually run along the lines of invoking sunlight, and curses usually run along the lines of night or darkness. But the people of Scialla are nothing if not terribly inventive. Ideas are welcome, and by all means let staff know if you think of a cool blessing or curse.

General blessings:
* Light bless you.
* Logos light your steps.
* Haran guard your sleep.
* Sun's blessings upon you.

General curses:
* Tranor take you!
* Darkness take your eyes/hands/whatever!
* Roast in Tranor!
* Darkness strike you down!

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