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People of Note

See here for info about the Nobles of the Twelve.



Aeneas Tarellian
A famous sculptor from Scialla. His sculptures reside now in museums and galleries--as well as private collections--throughout the Empire. His biggest and best-known work is the Tarellian Fountain sculpted in 1251AH, in the Square of Roses in the Pearl District of Valrona. Birthdate uncertain; died in 1268AH.

Aermaeren Juillen
The servant of Lord High Marshall Arkhos Tarikaden, Grand Duke of Abdera. Usually based in Abdera, she can often be found with her master around Valrona. See here for more information about this cheerful young lady.

Saint Alexander the Pristine
One of the early saints of the Church of Haran. He died in 703AH and was immediately canonized. He is best known for being a onetime church persecutor turned its greatest advocate. See here for much more information about him. A cathedral bearing his name is in Valrona.

Andromeda yar'Solius
The only daughter of the Clan-Chieftess of the Flameholdan people, Lykitis. Niece of Rowan. She is the first non-Sciallan Eclipsal Dancer in history in her youth, and now a noted archaeologist.

Father Aravan Chastain of the Church of Saint Elisis
The priest of the church near Azure Square in Valrona, called the Church of Saint Elisis. See here for more info about this influential citizen of Valrona.

Arion Stardancer (AIR-ee-ahn) (b. 2196- d. 2212 AH)
Youngest son of Aris Stardancer and though older than his sister Kira Stardancer, he wasn't older by much. He died in 2212 in the Succession War.

Aris Stardancer I (b. 2164-d. 2212 AH; ruled 2189-2212)
Father of Kira Stardancer. Husband of N'men Thulevale. He fathered seven children, the last of whom was Kira, and all of them but Kira were wiped out during the Succession Wars. Aris is famous for solidifying Priascialla as the center of the Kiassan Empire.

Lord High Marshall Arkhos Tarikaden, Duke of Abdera
Born 2174AH, Duke of Abdera. Made Lord High Marshall in 2212AH directly after the Succession Wars, and has dominion over the Eastern Cities. Consequently he travels a lot. See here for much more info about the good Lord High Marshall.

Armile Montedevris (AR-meel)
Founder of the Noble family, now one of the Nobles of the Twelve. Known for his incredible skill at military matters, Armile was a general of great reputation. He was given his patent of nobility in 950AH. (b. 915AH - d. 983AH)

Byron Artaher
A noted architect responsible for the Artaheri style. Born 1260 - died 1340AH. He designed the University of Valrona, which was established 1322AH. The style, Artaheri, is still in use.

Avelie Meris (AV-ah-lee MER-iss)
A Sciallan doctor whose identity is briefly assumed by Valad Bhalzha. Last known residence: Cor'Shaneir of Lirwhin. Very likely died in the Succession War as she was stationed in Priascialla.



Berna Gerarda
The middle-aged leader of Weston's Ladies' Temperance League, which seeks to stamp out drunkenness and excessive revelry. She is quite religious, active in the Church of Haran. See here for more info about her.

Lieutenant Lewis Bertrand
One of the two Lieutenants of the Brotherhood of Swords. See here for more information about the very strategy-minded Lieutenant.

Master Aldus Beyblade
One of the more colorful instructors in the Brotherhood of Swords chapterhouse in Valrona. See here for a lot more information about this compelling fellow.

Count Borreas Windham
Borreas is the Count of Verdantis, a middle-aged man who's had his title in the family for generations. His main claim to fame is his beautiful white-stone castle, likened to something you'd see in a fairy tale of old. He reports to Duke Severan Welleslan of Valrona, on Scialla. Borreas is the official head of the Verdantis Rangers, charged by the Duke to uphold the law and protect civilians.

Bron Sunrider
Agema Stormguard, second-in-command under Dunastis Lykitis. A Flameholdan of great note, a middle-aged general who is covered in tattoos and glory.



Cade Stardancer (cayd)
A son of Aris Stardancer. Held the title of Captain in the Sciallan Army. Died in the Succession War in 2212. Older brother of Kira Stardancer, a warrior and pilot of note and skill. Would have been second in line for the throne after his eldest brother Richard.

Emperor Calantus Stardancer III
1202-1265AH, reigned 1243-1265AH, noted for signing the Grey Tower Treaty in 1250AH.

Emperor Calantus Stardancer IV
Born 1251AH, reigned 1265-1308AH until his death. He had a fairly long reign but due to the vast depletion of the treasury left him by his father Calantus III he concentrated on building trade relations that left the financial future of the Empire well secured by the time he died. His second son, Emperor Frederick I, is far better known.

Cargill Dunhenrin of House Tybiris
A lesser Noble, a guest on Deusis Island, and security liaison for Kervis and the Priasciallan government. Executed for collaboration. The Tybiris house is in good standing now; one member, Count Victor Nesbith Tybiris, owns monopoly rights to the Brotherhood of Swords in Valrona.

Duke Celadius Tybiris (keh-LAY-dee-uss)
Currently the patriarch of House Tybiris. Born 2200, he is a staunch supporter of the Empress, and makes his home near Eretea.

Chelene Stardancer (cheh-LEEN)
Eldest daughter of Aris Stardancer. Had a reputation as a good amateur astronomer. Killed in the initial Usurpation prior to the Succession War. Sister of Kira Stardancer.

Claire Serebren
Born in 2204AH, Lady Claire is the daughter of the Patriarch of House Serebren. She is a noted academician who has published two books about history, and she teaches at the University of Valrona. Her specialty is the Age of Sorrows. See here for more information about her activities in Valrona.



Dalya Serebren
The daughter of the originator of House Serebren, Julian Serebren. Julian was elevated to Dukedom purely because his daughter caught the eye of the Emperor at the time, Frederick Stardancer I. Born in 1293AH, married in 1311AH, and bore seven chidren (three of whom survived) before dying young in 1331AH.

Dravek the Conqueror
A 5th-century warlord in Scialla far to the west of the Eastern Cities. As his name suggests, he was very warlike and mowed his way through much of the western lands till his sudden conversion, thanks to his young wife Ehlissa, in 444AH. He is succeeded by a profusion of sons by his second wife, many of whom went on to intermarry with what would eventually become many of the Noble Houses of Scialla.

Lord Duby Faughn
The President of the League of Quintzellers, centered in Priascialla. Lord Duby is an older man, but long ago he was considered the best front facer in history.



Saint Ehlissa of the Sacred Heart
A 5th-century woman who was canonized by the Church. See here for more information about this very holy lady.

Elinor Grady
The head of a very prestigious couture house in Priascialla. See here for more info.

Saint Elisis
A 7th-century martyr who campaigned for Church reform. See here for more info about him. He was executed in 686AH on charges of causing dissension and strife in the Church, and canonized about 120 years later.

Lady Eradis Saethborne
Born in 2218, young Eradis is a lady of society who is finishing her schooling at the University of Valrona. She got engaged in 2230 to Baron Gabion Andillion. More info here.

Duke Eredis Montedevris
Born 2166AH, Duke Eredis is now a retiring gentleman, but has many years yet of service to the Empire. He was named Duke in 2190AH, and married to Idellia Serebren in a dynastic union that lasted until her recent death in 2227AH. He kept his title through the Succession War of 2212AH.

Duke Everil Skydancer
The younger brother of General Tathis Stardancer, alive at the end of Age of Sorrows in 20AH.



Saint Faran the Servitor
A 5th-century man who was canonized by the Church. See here for more information about this supremely dedicated servant to Haran.

Baron Filomenus Endevarr III
A minor Sciallan noble elevated around 1622AH put in charge of the Priasciallan Ministry of Exchange after the Seruvian Accords were signed, and made a Duke of Cicilium. He was part of House Endevarr.

Emperor Frederick Stardancer I
Born in 1285AH to the wife of Emperor Calantus IV, Frederick was elevated in 1308AH. His reign is considered a successful one. His wife, Dalya Serebren, is still reckoned one of the most beautiful women ever to have lived on Scialla, much as Helen of Troy is considered nowadays. He is the second son of Calantus IV, and by far one of the more popular and successful rulers from that age.



Baron Gabion Andillion
Born in 2214, Gabion is one of the younger talents to come out of the ambitious House Andillion. He got engaged in 2230 to Lady Eradis Saethborne. More info about him here.

Gallant de'Ossian
The leader of the main couture house in Valrona. See here for more info.

Lieutenant Albion Garain
One of the lieutenants of the Brotherhood of Swords, tasked with improving the recruiting and orientation experience. See here for more information about him.

Duke Gideon Grenville
The current leader of House Grenville.

Cardinal Gruyir of Degnes
The portly Haranite priest who lives in Degnes but travels all over Tergaea. See here for much more info about this very urbane cleric.



Haran, First Prophet of God
Haran arose around 200 AR, and brought a deep and intense spiritual revival to the Kiassan Empire. Haran is said to have never died, but to have been taken alive at the end of his time on Scialla by God; the Assumption of Haran is celebrated every year by the Haranite Church. For a full writeup of Haran's teachings, see this page.

Grand Duke Hector Barrister
Patriarch of House Barrister, and quite old by game opening in 2230. He is known to be religious and somewhat rigid in personality.

Hjargent Stardancer IV (hee-AR-jent)
656-713AH, ruling from 675-713. A King of Scialla who became the first Emperor of the Kiassan Empire in 675AH and then went on to sign the first Imperial Treaty in 680AH.



Duchess Idellia Montedevris (2174AH - 2227AH)
Born 2174AH into House Serebren, Idellia was a young woman when she married Duke Eredis Montedevris. She was a quiet, submissive wife who provided him several heirs, dying finally in 2227AH. She lived in the family palace in Hurst Fen, running the household in her lord's absence.

Pontiff Innocent III (2049-2093, reigned 2081-2093)
A noted mystic and visionary, but most of his real potential wasn't known until he was appointed Pontiff of the Haranite faith in 2081. Until then he'd just been regarded as a very competent leader and spiritual shepherd. Once he got appointed, though, suddenly he revealed the visions that'd guided him for life. One of these commanded him to build a magnificent temple of thick glass in the middle of nowhere. The temple was built as commanded, named the Crystal Cathedral, and he died not long afterward.

Lady Irrileen Endevarr of Cicilium
Born 2207. The younger of Duke Irrulian of Cicilium's two daughters. Often travels on business of the Ministry of Exchange for her father.

Duke Irrulian Endevarr of Cicilium
Aging patriarch of House Endevarr and ruler of the Duchy of Cicilium. Born 2170AH.



Jack Red Dog
The owner of Freehold, a mining town up in the Whiteridge Mountains. Jack Red Dog owns the town, which he insists on calling a "manor" to avoid complications with taxes and tributes.

Janus (JAN-uss)
The first Solius of Flamehold, and the first leader of the Falgans. He was exiled by Scion Sheridan along with about half of the Falgans, and the other half vanished. He became the first chieftain of Flamehold. He is not well-known at all except to those who follow mythology closely.

Captain Jerrod Ironhands
Captain of the Flameholdan Guard in Weston. Of the Ironhands clan of Flamehold, he and 20 warriors under him live in that faraway frontier town and keep the peace there. Jerrod is known to be harsh and strict; most villagers fear him, though he doesn't take any active hand in local politics or legal matters unless things start to threaten the Empire's interests.

Prince Jovan Riacold
Born in 2205 and now in his mid-20s, Prince Jovan is the eldest son of Duke Torad Alat Riacold, the family patriarch of House Riacold, one of the Twelve Noble Families. Jovan's an obscenely wealthy party-loving college student in Valrona at the time of this game. See also here for more information about him.

Saint Julian
Born in 1159AH, elevated to be Pontiff of the Holy Church in 1202AH, and canonized in 1420AH for his efforts in church reform. See here for more information about this ascetic old man.

Julian Serebren
Born in 1254AH, Julian was a successful gentryman hovering about the fringes of the Imperial Court when his daughter Dalya caught the eye of Emperor Frederick I. The rest is history, and in 1310AH the pair were wed and Julian got himself a Dukedom out of the process. Thanks to his brilliant business sense, he held the title easily, dying in 1337AH to leave a pile of grandchildren.



Grand Duchess Kathryn Barrister
Married to Grand Duke Hector, Her Grace helps handle their main holding, the Duchy of Sarnow. She is much younger than her husband, and has given him several strong sons.

Kellan Callahan
The oldest bastard son of Lord High Marshall Arkhos Tarikaden, acknowledged by Arkhos and promoted to Captain of the Marshall's personal guard. See here for more information about this dashing fellow.

Kira Stardancer
Empress of the Kiassan Empire, last of her line. Daughter of Aris Stardancer and N'men Thulevale of Lirwhin. She is famous for her bright white hair, dark blue eyes (she got them from her mother), and willowy beauty; portraits of her all portray her as the same ageless 21-year-old they have since her ascension to the throne in 2212. Born 2195, took the throne in 2212, and is still quite alive.



Larizel Moondancer (LARE-ih-zel)
Youngest child of Lukas Moondancer. Kira's adopted and named heir. She lives mostly at Triesse Holding far from the Eastern Cities. Born 2211.

Pontiff Leonis Dezra III
2161-now. Appointed Pontiff of the Church of Haran in 2220 by Empress Kira Stardancer.

The name of God. Sometimes called just "God," but his actual name is Logos. See here for more info about him.

Loreil Stardancer (lore-EEL)
A daughter of Aris Stardancer, a known patroness of literature and art before her death during the Succession Wars.

Father Lucan of Weston
The aging priest of Haran in the faraway village of Weston. Lucan is fat, rather old, and looking at retiring sometime soon. He's not regarded as a bad egg at all.

Lukas Moondancer (LARE-ih-zel)
Lord of House Moondancer. Empress Kira Stardancer's foster father, he enjoys considerable status when he bothers to come to court. He lives at Triesse Holding far from the Eastern Cities, but does visit from time to time. He is a man of advancing years, but his place in history is assured due to his secret fostering of Kira, passing her off as his own daughter at the request of Emperor Aris Stardancer.

Lykitis yar'Solius
Clan-Chieftess of the Flameholdan people. Daughter, Andromeda, first non-Sciallan Eclipsal Dancer in history. Lykitis is one of the most powerful warriors in the Empire; her leadership of the Flameholdans has brought about a unity unknown in previous memory. Her Bloodgift is considered extremely strong, and she has passed that on to her daughter.



Mareus Stardancer (MARE-ee-us)
A son of Aris Stardancer, an acolyte of the Haranite faith. Died during the Usurpation in 2212.

Grand Duchess Melina Serebren of Kandar
Born 2287AH (r. 2213-), Duchess Melina is considerably older than her handsome young husband Willem Serebren. She is a very studious sort and the patroness of the Warran College of the Humanities. She tends to stay in Kandar.

Baron Michael Endevarr of Cicilium
The administrating Noble of the Duchy of Cicilium. Born 2175AH, he is the younger brother of Duke Irrulian. He is known for his good common touch; his people liked Irrulian and adore him. His family is small, just two sons, but they're both upstanding men who work with the Duchy.

Midnight Jack
Owner and operator of the traveling Dark Carnival, which visits most of the Eastern Cities. It reaches Valrona in time for the Feast of Saint Julian in the middle of Juilesse.



Neville Asmodeus
A great military commander, instrumental in the War of Acquisition in 677AH, who began the line of House Tarikaden.

N'men Thulevale of Lirwhin
One of the most famous diplomats in recent memory. Full name: Nerismen Thulevale, of Cor'Aeirin. Nerismen's marriage to Aris Stardancer was arranged but happy, with 7 living children including Kira, the youngest, who became Empress in 2212 AH. N'men is famous for bringing a peaceful union between Aris and the Flameholdans.

Captain Treaton Norris
The Captain of the Brotherhood of Swords in Valrona on Scialla. See here for a lot more information about the good Captain.



Olen Endevarr
Born 2150AH - died 2212AH. The patriarch of House Endevarr and Duke of Cicilium. Killed in the initial invasion of the Succession Wars along with most of his family. Older brother of Duke Irrulian.

Lieutenant Lorrin Orpheus
Second-in-command under Captain Palin Chapman in the Verdantis Rangers of Scialla.



Pactra Sunrider
Dunastis of Clan Sunrider. Died during an attempted takeover of Flamehold, during the Succession War.

Lord Patrick Endevarr of Cicilium
The youngest of Duke Irrulian of Cicilium's four sons. Born 2203. Often seen traveling around and still studying for an advanced degree in Statistics and Analysis.

Captain Palin Chapman
The aging captain of the Verdantis Rangers, which is administered by Count Borreas of Scialla.

Countess Philomena Saethborne Grenville
The wife of Duke Gideon Grenville. She is of House Saethborne, married into the Grenvilles. She lives in Val Taqar with her husband, and devotes herself to religious contemplation.

Philomenus Arizel
Aparkos of Clan Arizel. See here for more information about this very dutiful man.





Captain Rainen Arnos
The Captain of the Valrona City Watch. See here for much more information about this singularly dutiful Captain.

Kingpriest Rashan
The high priest and ruler of Bilashe. Son of Tiramovar the Usurper. Born, 2187; named to the throne, 2214.

Richard Stardancer (b. 2190-d. 2212)
Richard Stardancer: Eldest son and heir of Emperor Aris Stardancer I. Full name: Thrice-Named Richard Veldavar Irriliziya Stardancer, Grand Duke of Scialla. Died near the end of the Succession War.

Emperor Richard Stardancer II (b.
Born 912AH, took reign in 935AH, died 981AH. This Emperor reigned a very long time, took two wives, had several sons, and died after a long illness. He is best known for how he put down a minor rebellion at the Battle of Laurelhurst Fen, at what is now an onion farm near Hurst Fen, at which battle (in 950AH) he gave a Patent of Nobility to start House Montedevris to General Armile Montedevris.

Count Roger Lewis
The rather scruffy mayor of Lewistown, about 20 miles west of Valrona. Roger is known to be an off-the-cuff type who won his title after the Succession War of 2212. He serves under Count Victor.

Rowan sha'Solius Stormguard
The consort and non-regnant Emperor beside Kira Stardancer. Younger brother of Lykitis yar'Solius. Uncle of Andromeda. One of the best pilots of his age, possessed of a singularly strong Bloodgift.

Rus Niak, First Counsel of Lirwhin (b. 2195- )
Cousin of Kira Stardancer (he is the son of N'men's brother), and uncle in turn of Sharyandro Emis. Ruler of Cor'Aeirin and the nominal ruler of the Lirwhinites. A brilliant tactician who is credited with being instrumental to the ascension to the throne of his cousin Kira, Rus Niak (the name, as per Lirwhinite custom, is always given completely) is a dangerous enemy; he is reckoned the most intelligent man in the Kiassan Empire. He took the position of First Counsel in 2211 at the age of 16, the youngest person on Lirwhin ever to hold that position, and has held it even through the Succession Wars.



Sauros sha'Sunrider
The chief, or Dunastis of Clan Sunrider in 1850AH or so; he is known for his extreme military discipline and his brutal extermination of the now-defunct Starscream clan. Sauros was instrumental in creating a code of ethics for modern warfare, the so-called Libero te Martialos Ethica.

Scion Sheridan (sohn SHARE-ih-dan)
Mythic originator of the Stardancer dynasty. Though the dynasty didn't fully materialize for a couple hundred years after his death around 157BH, he is credited as their forefather and the father of Sciallan (and by extension Kiassan) civilization. Alas, there is very little information about his life or origins.

Sernis, God of the Bilashans
The reclusive and very xenophobic god of the Bilashan people. Sernis communicates through his priests, who double as civil rulers and bureaucrats.

Duke Severan Welleslan of House Barrister
As of 2230, Duke Severan is 38 years old (born 2192). He rules not only Valrona but also most of the Verdantis Forest just west of the city. See here for a lot more information about His Grace.

Sharyandro Emis
The young nephew of Rus Niak, the First Counsel of Lirwhin, and Rus Niak's heir. Sharyandro Emis famously survived as a street rat during the Succession Wars, giving his uncle needed intelligence about Priascialla while trapped inside the White City. Now in his late 20s (born 2200), Sharyandro Emis is a diplomat tasked with Topside's commerce and tourism, a sinecure for a young man of his brilliance and insight. Sharyandro Emis is probably the only real match in the Kiassan Empire for Rus Niak.

Emperor Shastasar I
730-791AH. Ruled, 771-791AH. Notable for outlawing the Machinist Cult.

Captain Shen Corronal
The Captain of the Guard for the Moondancer patriarch, Lukas Moondancer.

Lady Sherreen
Around 180BH, a noblewoman named Sherreen, of an unknown House, left Priascialla and set off west. A year later, she re-emerged having set the White Road and struck some kind of deal with the Wilds that would allow human habitation and exploration within sharply defined limits. Until then, any human leaving the Perimeter was fair game for the beasts of the Wilds, but after her pact, humans were allowed into the main part of the forests and even allowed to make villages outside the Perimeter. Any humans who break the rules the Wilds have set are usually destroyed by creatures in the Wilds, but the Wilds turns a blind eye to anything in the forests around its territory. A group of people still follow her philosophy and precepts. They call themselves Preservationists. Many others call them "The Cult of the Lady Sherreen". They are not in the least Haranite, though not hostile to it. The Haranite faith wouldn't mind if they'd vanish, though.



General Tathis Skydancer
The first of the Stardancer dynasty. Renamed himself Stardancer, declared himself Emperor in 20AH, and took possession of Priascialla. Born 33BH, came to rule in 20AH, and died in 37AH. He ruled roughly contemporanously during the lifetime of the Prophet Haran, and with the Prophet's aid helped to convert the Sciallan world to Haran's teachings. Born 33BH, he took rule in 20AH, and died in 37AH, leaving a widow and several sons to ensure an unbroken line.

Duke Teodor Welleslan of House Barrister
Born 2155, Duke Teodor controlled Valrona and the Verdantis Forest. He was tried and executed in 2213, after the Succession War of 2212, for collaboration with Tiramovar.

Tiramovar the Usurper
The ruler of Bilashe. Tiramovar (born 2172 - died 2212) arose as the High Priest-King, and, acting on directions from his god, Sernis, invaded Priascialla during the Eclipsal Festival of 2212. Later that year, Kira Stardancer, his onetime captive, broke free with help and retook her rightful throne, and killed him in the process.

Mayor Lucion Tollis
See here for more info about this seemingly bumbling, rotund city official. Nominally in charge of the city of Weston, he's been in power since 2218 and seems likely to stay that way, thanks to his strategic alliances both with the Flameholdan Guard stationed there, and the clerics of the Church of Haran. He is a known Imperialist who somehow manages to convince Independents that he's still got their interests at heart; so far he's won every election that's come to pass since 2218 (10 total so far). Maybe nobody else wants the job?

Duke Torad Alat Riacold of Pontecala
See here for a writeup of Duke Torad. He is the patriarch of one of the Twelve Noble Houses.

Trathor Innes
See here for more information about the abbot of Degnes Abbey. Trathor is a Sciallan, rather elderly, extremely educated and refined. He presides over an abbey built at the site of a supposedly miraculous spring far west of Priascialla.

Archbishop Treon Farwise of House Serebren
The religious leader of Valrona, with the Haranite faith. He's not a fanatic, but he doesn't tolerate what he perceives as heresy. He is in favor of an inquisition or (something more palatable to the upper classes) a "confessional" system, but so far lacks the clout to make it happen. See here for much more info about the good Archbishop.



Count Uwin Nesbith of House Tybiris
The originator and founder of The Brotherhood of Swords in Valrona. Born in 2124AH, he inherited his title in 2159AH and died in 2184AH. His son Victor inherited the title.



Valad Bhalzha
The Chief of Security for Chief Counsel Rus Niak of Lirwhin. She is a graduate of Celis Academy, one of the 14 Academies of Walker, one of Lirwhin's moons.

Cardinal Valaran Destrir
One of the four Cardinals of the Church of Haran. He is enormously pious and goodhearted, sincere and utterly convicted of his ideals. See here for more information about him.

Nicholas Vallice
A noted architect responsible for the Valletian style. Born 1998 AH - died 2050 AH.

Count Victor Nesbith Tybiris
The owner of the Brotherhood of Swords, the sole provider of all soldiers and men-at-arms in the city of Valrona. The Tybiris family has a number of estates and holdings throughout the Eastern Cities, and once was very highly ranked, being responsible for security in Priascialla. Now it is considered second-tier, so therefore still rather high up the chain of nobility. Count Victor is known as a military presence and excellent commander. (Born 2182.)

Councilman Domiro Vovode and his wife Taria
A retired jeweller who now unofficially runs the Weston Council. Vovode is known to be incredibly calculating and shrewd. His wife, Taria, is easily half his age and incredibly beautiful; she runs the city orphanage, having long ago left her position as a bakery owner. The two of them pretty much have the run of Weston. See here for more info about Councilman Vovode, and here for more info about his good ladywife.



Grand Duke Willem Serebren of Kandar
Born 2205AH (r. 2213-), Duke Willem is a very young Noble. Living in Kandar half the year, the other half in Priascialla, he spends his time trying to advance the interests of those in his duchy. His wife, Melina, is considerably older than her virile husband; she is a very studious sort and the patroness of the Warran College of the Humanities.





Yazira Ammanuensis
A stunning auburn-haired woman who runs the House of Gold in Valrona. See here for more information about this elegant lady.