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Welcome to SciallaMud!

We are not open for gaming yet.

SciallaMud runs at:, port 4500

Site last updated: December 6, 2012.

Current anticipated beta: TBA (Click here for more info)

What it is..
SciallaMud is an all-original, text-based roleplay-intensive mud (RPI)--a blend of low fantasy and science fiction, with a setting reminiscent of medieval Europe for the most part. SciallaMud takes place in the sophisticated urban city Valrona, one of the many Eastern Cities near the capital of the Kiassan Empire. Valrona is best known for its incredible scenery, its well-planned city design, and its university. Most Nobles have estates there (including the Empress' Summer Palace), and most Noble youths go through their educations there.

Scialla is staffed by admins with long experience running both RPmuds and tabletop RPGs, with good building and extensive documentation. There is room here for almost any concept, from criminal to soldier to farmer to forester. Our political systems are very fleshed-out, our original gameworld is coherent and inclusive, and whether your focus is criminal undertakings, advancing a civil career, or battle strategy, you'll find something here to enjoy.

We strive to be friendly and professional to our players and staff, and treat the game like it's a tabletop session in our own homes. As such, our approach to gaming is less like a traditional RPI mud and more like a session in your living room: we will be setting up weekly or twice-weekly gaming sessions that are RPT and have admins on hand to actively run story arcs. These arcs are player-influenced, and will take into account bringing as many players as possible into the arcs, both new and old faces. To allow for as many players as possible to get into these arcs, the application process will be a lot more interactive with staff--we need to make sure you'll "fit in" and be able to hit the ground running, without those irritating hours of wandering around with nothing to do that most muds consider normal! We want you to have the chance to participate the very first HRPT that comes your way! The rest of the week is "downtime," when you can go train up your skills, interact with other PCs on a more impromptu basis, and get your PC's "day job" dealt with.

Our players will be taking on some pre-determined roles at first, roles that we've determined will best help the game get going. They will all be concentrated in one geographical area, so everybody rubs elbows. Like a tabletop GM has to do, we'll help them choose PCs with an eye toward why they'd all be involved in plots. You may not be on the same side or have the same goals, but you can rest assured that your involvement will be important and potentially deal-altering in the arcs.

Scialla's background, geography, races, and culture are set up to provide the game with endless plots and things to do. A rich, well-thought-out backstory and a coherent history give the game a distinct flavor that players can delve into as much or as little as they wish. And of course, there are many mysteries to pierce here, some affecting the entire Empire. Players can get as far into these plots and advance as far as they wish, just about. Our commitment to our players is that we'll do our best to make a fun, supportive, inclusive game that you can be proud to play and make memories with.

This game is 100% free to play, with no donations or subscriptions requested or required at all, and that is never going to change. All we ask of you is your gracious time and participation!

What it isn't..
It isn't a traditional text mud, for starters. Scialla is a free-form environment that does not rely on concepts like "experience points" and "classes". You get better at something by practicing and using that skill. You can learn almost anything, provided you can find a teacher for it. And as you gain time playing in the game, you'll be able to advance your character more and more. There's just about no limit to how far you can go!

Scialla is meant to be an immersive environment that allows you to progress your character using roleplay. It is RP-enforced and IC-only, meaning that Super Bowl chatter won't be tolerated (unless your PC happens to be a potter who just made a really pretty bowl).

Scialla is a low-fantasy world, which means that there are no wizards running around. The few chemists you meet are more likely to be interested in healing salves and metal polishes than in invisibility potions. The various religions all have their own way of handling faith, and most have no "spells" at all. Nobles and Inquisitions do not work the same way on Scialla as on most other RP-only muds. The mud features a comprehensive legal system that forces those who would live a life of crime to be far more clever than most other muds let them get away with, just like in real life.

We certainly welcome you and hope you will enjoy your time in the Kiassan Empire!

Beta Information
Due to utterly unforeseen circumstances, we've had to push back the opening a year, so will be forecasting beta in 2011. We'd rather the game be ready and have a head admin who can be around a lot! We sincerely hope you will agree that it is worth the wait.

To start, there will be a closed beta. This beta will be limited to word of mouth applicants only; these applicants will ptest the RPT model so we can work out any issues pre-opening, and also get the ball rolling on what we hope are leadership PCs. Nobody starts out a leader on our game: you work your way up from the bottom, and we know our core players will need some time and TLC to get their characters in place to hire and work with the new players coming after them. We want to give them that time and get them where they'll need to be in terms of status. We want them to have that history already in place--not just verbalized, but experienced. Lived. This phase of the project will involve plenty of RPTs and intensive involvement with the GM staff. We want you to get to your place in the sun!

To that end, we do not plan to erase the pfile database after the beta. There may be very minor adjustments, but these will be done on the fly as we tweak the RPT model. Beta players can expect:

* Lots of RP opportunities with GMs who are dedicated to fun and advancement;
* A leadership position once the game opens to general players;
* To get in on the ground floor of a brand-new game, with all the promise that entails;
* Their input to be seriously considered where it comes to what kind of plots and interactions they'd enjoy most.

Potential beta testers are very, very welcome to drop a line if they're interested in a leadership position on the game. Because of the nature of our beta phase, we would vastly prefer people who will be willing to be leaders once the game opens, but as long as you want to contribute to the living tapestry that is the Kiassan Empire, to put your stamp indelibly upon a brand new game, to become part of the living history that we are creating, write and let us know!